How to position your SaaS pricing page (template)

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Your SaaS pricing page is the closest asset to revenue.

Yet time and time again, I see pages with generic headlines like…

‘Transparent and simple pricing’ ๐Ÿ™„

But here’s the thing:

When someone lands on your pricing page, they’re in a penny-pinching mindset, thinking… ‘how much is this gonna cost me?’

So your job as a marketer, founder, or conversion copywriter is to flip this mindset on its head and get them thinking…

‘Hot damn, I can see how much this is gonna make me/save me!’

Here’s how to do it:

Get this SaaS pricing page template (no opt-in) ->

When youโ€™re ready here are a couple of ways I can help you:

  1. Have me ask a couple of questions about your business, and record a 20-minute screencast of your landing page walking through exactly what Iโ€™d do. Roast my landing page.
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