Copy without strategy is nothing but guesswork

Here’s how I dive into you, your product, and your customer to give us the best chance of success.

(Not all projects need every step — I’ll tailor the process to you.)

step 1

Scoping out to kickoff


Quick hellos

Before we work together. We’ll hop on a short 20-minute call to talk about your business and needs.


Scoping out to kickoff

If it’s a fit we’ll scope out what you need in alignment with your goals. Then I’ll put together a proposal with the details discussed. Once approved, I’ll send you an invoice to secure your slot in my calendar.

You get: A feeling someone has listened to what you’re looking to achieve and a solid action plan going forward.

step 2

Messaging strategy

We’re off!

In this phase, I’ll dive into everything I need to know to learn about your product, story, and what motivates your market so I can sell your solution.

Don’t worry, there’s a minimal effort on your end. Think of it as sharpening an axe before felling a tree.

Below you’ll find what this process ‘can’ look like.


Team interviews

Comprehensive interviews with key stakeholders (founder, head of sales, head of product) to leverage your product, competitive, and customer knowledge.


Competitor research

You’ll give me your top 2-3 competitors so I can get a lay of the land. I’ll dig into their website, and what your market likes and dislikes about them on review platforms to make you stand out.


Customer interviews or survey

I’ll dive into the minds of your customers in a friendly (non-interrogative) way to find out their pain points, jobs to be done, desires, hopes, and dreams. Or do it via a done-for-you customer survey.

You get: Immense clarity on your buyer, market, and competition. And a strategy on which I’ll base your copy and layout.

step 3

Copywriting and wireframing



Once I’ve gotten a lay of the land, I’ll send you an outline of what I think is the best path from my findings. I’ll get the agreement from you and get to work.



I’ll write your copy to a final draft with guidance of where things sit on the page with a full video walkthrough.


Optional: wireframing

If you’d rather have your copy delivered in a low-fidelity wireframe ready to hand off to your designer (which can save you a ton of design cost) I can create one for an extra fee.

You get: Copy ready to launch with expert insight and guidance on how it all fits together.

step 4

Ongoing engagements
Having me go through the above process means I know you, your customer, and your business inside out. That’s why I’ll offer you access to me on an ongoing basis to create assets and continually optimize your funnel for conversions.

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