My winning structure for SaaS landing pages

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This week, I wrapped up a couple of SaaS landing page reviews for clients.

And I’m seeing a trend among founders:

‘I feel like I’m talking too much about features, but I can’t see another way to showcase our product’

And that’s the problem.

You’re not selling a product. You’re selling a transformation.

Your job is to position your product as a bridge to go from present pain to their dream outcome.

So how do you structure a SaaS landing page to achieve this?

There are tons of ways you can do this depending on how aware your prospect is and how sophisticated the market is.

But if you wanna know the go-to structure I recommend that helped a founder recently see a 15% lift in paying customers after implementing it.

It’s this one:

When you’re ready here are a couple of ways I can help you:

  1. Have me ask a couple of questions about your business, and record a 20-minute screencast of your landing page walking through exactly what I’d do. Roast my landing page.
  2. Work with me to dial in your key converting assets with a custom project. Get in touch.

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